Our Clients

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We work with public and private educational institutions around the world delivering targeted and tailor-made solutions. Apart from our clients’ immediate needs we carefully study the local educational market and the educational system of the country where our client is based and its socio-cultural implications. We offer our clients the most innovative and the most effective educational solutions which are always targeted and accurate.



Our clients:

  • Tribal Group, UK
  • Kingston University, UK
  • Canterbury Christ Church University, UK
  • The JGA Group, UK
  • Ripple Ideas, The Philippines
  • OLX, The Philippines
  • Impresario Arts, Singapore
  • The Educator, UK
  • GPM Network, UK
  • Cudl Training, UK
  • Capital Learning Ltd., UK
  • Junta de Andalusia, Spain
  • Nikken, USA/Japan
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Poland
  • Ministry of Culture, Poland
  • Fundacja Rodzice Przyszlosci, Poland
  • Fundacja Filmgramm, Poland